Pre-requisites to attend PAANZ courses

PAANZ is a special interest group for members of Physiotherapy New Zealand.  To study Acupuncture it is recommended that you attend a Certificate level course at AUT or Otago Universities.

To attend PAANZ courses, participants must have completed:

1)   A PAANZ Introductory Acupuncture Course, Refresher/Post basic courses and/or Conferences to a minimum of 80 hours


2)   Obtained a Certificate or Diploma that involves 150 or more hours of proven and acceptable acupuncture education from a university or training institution e.g. AUT University, University of Otago or from an overseas university/college, etc.

3)   If you have previous Acupuncture experience or qualifications, but don't meet the pre-requisites to attend a PAANZ course, you may qualify to attend the Acupuncture Upskilling Course.  For more information please contact the PAANZ Administrator.

Acupuncture Upskilling Course (Previously known as Pre-assessment Acupuncture Course)

The four-day course is designed for physiotherapy acupuncturists who have not passed the previous PAANZ introductory examination and who wish to attend PAANZ Post Basic Courses and to achieve PAANZ Physiotherapy Acupuncturist Registration in due course.
Pre-requisite: 50 or more hours of proven and acceptable acupuncture education.
The first three days covers tuition in TCM and Western Principles. The fourth day includes a written and practical examination. Written case presentations are a requisite for completion of the module and receive a certificate and 24 hours towards the PAANZ Register.

Course Outcomes - Participants should be competent in the areas of:

  • Clinical reasoning pertaining to the use of acupuncture
  • Meridians and ‘Must Know’ points
  • Introductory Western acupuncture and TCM
  • Needling technique and safety

PAANZ Courses

Courses are available each year in venues throughout NZ. 

Conferences or Seminars:

PAANZ National Seminars are held in the alternate years, in conjunction with the AGM.

Course/Conference Accreditation:

PAANZ seeks external accreditation status for relevant courses through the New Zealand College of Physiotherapy (NZCP). This status verifies the rigour and quality of PAANZ Courses. All Courses are subject to College assessment every three years. PAANZ Accredited Courses gain full hours/points ratio, e.g. 7 course hours = 7 NZCP points


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