Internal and external tutor profiles

Susan Kohut (Education Officer) 


Current employment:

  • Senior Lecturer (AUT) (2009- )
  • Private Practice (Community-based) (1996- )


  • Qualified as a physiotherapist: 1983 (AUT)
  • Acupuncture training:
    • 1991 - Complementary Centre of Medicine (Southampton, England)
    • 2003 - Postgraduate Diploma (Acupuncture) (AUT)
    • 2005 - Master's Degree (Acupuncture) (First Class Hons)
  • 2010 - Certificate in Tertiary Teaching (AUT)

Positions held:

  • Registered Physiotherapy Acupuncturist (2003- )
  • Senior Lecturer AUT - Western Acupuncture (2009 - )
  • IAAPT Executive Committee (2014 - )
  • PAANZ Executive Committee (2004 - )
  • Past President PAANZ (2006-2009)

Acupuncture courses taught:

  • Western Acupuncture
  • Theoretical Concepts of Western Acupuncture
  • Osteopathic Acupuncture Scope of Practice (2010)
  • Refresher course


  • New Zealand College of Physiotherapy (2003 - )
  • Society of Acupuncture Research


    PAANZ Safety Guidelines (2014, 2011, 2008), in collaboration with Jillian McDowell

    Kohut, S.H., Larmer, P.J., & Johnson, G. (2011).Western acupuncture education for New Zealand physiotherapists. Physical Therapy Reviews, 16(2), 106-112 2011.
      Kohut, S.H. (2010). Clinical Pearls: How do you treat tennis elbow in practice? Medical Acupuncture, 22(2), 73-80.
        Kohut, S.H. (2010). Clinical Roundup: How do I treat back pain in practice? Alternative & Complementary Therapies 16(6), 359-365. doi:10.1089/act.2010.16606
          Kohut, S. (2005) Tensions in the toolbox: The meaning of Western acupuncture for New Zealand Physiotherapists. Master’s Thesis, AUT University

          Interests: All acupuncture, particularly historical, philosophical and political.

          Acupuncture practice – all aspects, particularly the clinical reasoning underpinning acupuncture outcomes. And in practice - tissue healing-based and neurological.


          Jillian McDowell  (Research Officer) 


          Years experience: 24 years physiotherapy, 21 years acupuncture


          • Diploma of Physiotherapy
          • Diploma of Manipulative Physiotherapy
          • Register of Physiotherapy Acupuncturists
          • Postgraduate Certificate of Sports Medicine (Otago)
          • Credentialed therapist, McKenzie Institute Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy
          • Accredited Sports Medicine N.Z. - Physical Conditioning Level 1
          • Member of New Zealand College of Physiotherapy (tagged for Acupuncture and Manipulation)
          • Credentialed Mulligan Concept Therapist
          • Masters of Physiotherapy Otago (with Distinction), awarded the Stewart Walker Prize 2007
          • Mulligan Concept Accredited Teacher

          Other Positions Held:

          • Regional Network for New Zealand Netball
          • Tutor, Research Officer, PAANZ Executive
          • Past Tutor, Otago University, Postgraduate Certificate in Acupuncture (PHTX530)
          • Independent Advisor to the Health and Disability Commissioner of New Zealand

          Courses taught for PAANZ:

          • Headache Day
          • Safety Day
          • Head, Neck and upper limb 2 Day seminar


          McDowell, JM, Johnson, GD, Hale, L. Measuring practitioner opinion on adverse reactions to acupuncture. Australian Journal of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine 2011; 6(2): 28-35.

          McDowell, JM, Johnson, GM, Bradnam, LV. Towards a neurophysiological mechanisms-based classification of adverse reactions to acupuncture. Physical Therapy Reviews 2011; 16(2): 118-125.

          McDowell JM, Johnson GM, Hale L (2013) Adverse reactions to acupuncture: policy recommendations based on practitioner opinion in New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy 41: 94-101.

          McDowell JM (2008) The classification and weighting of word descriptors of adverse reactions to acupuncture. Thesis, University of Otago.

          McDowell JM, Johnson GM, Hetherington BH (2014) Mulligan Concept manual therapy: standardising annotation. Manual Therapy. doi 10.1016/j.math.2013.12.006

          McDowell JM, Johnson GM. Acupuncture needling styles and associated adverse reactions to acupuncture. Medical Acupuncture. 2014; 26(5):271-278 1.           

          Contributor to textbook: Hing W, Hall T, Rivett, D, Vicenzino, Mulligan B. (Ed) The Mulligan Concept of manual therapy: textbook of techniques. Sydney: Elsevier; 2015

          McDowell, JM, Kohut, SH, Johnson, GM. Trigger point acupuncture (dry needling) and associated fecal incontinence in multiple sclerosis: a case report. Medical Acupuncture. 2015. DOI 10.1089/acu.2015.1102

          McDowell JM, Johnson GM (2016) Adverse Reactions to Acupuncture: The New Zealand Scene. Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies. Abstract iSAMS Conference paper

          McDowell, J. & Sole G. (2016) "Defining Professional Supportive and Evaluative Relationships: A Physiotherapy New Zealand Perspective", Wellington: Physiotherapy New Zealand



          Hamish Ashton 

          Current employment:

          Private Practitioner, Prevention to Performance Physiotherapy (P2P Physio) Tauranga


          • ·  Qualified as a physiotherapist: 1989
          • ·  Acupuncture training: PAPMA, Western Acupuncture Post Grad Module - AUT
          • ·  MHSc (AUT)

          Positions held:

          • ·  Registered Physiotherapy Acupuncturist (1998 )
          • ·  Tutor Post Graduate Acupuncture Program AUT (2001-2011)

          Acupuncture courses taught:

          • ·  Ear Acupuncture
          • ·  Acupuncture  Sport
          • ·  Western Acupuncture
          • ·  Tendons


          • ·  MNZCP
          • ·  PAANZ
          • ·  SPNZ


          Masters Dissertation - Can acupuncture and ultrasound affect acute inflammation


          Western Acupuncture, Sports management


          Guy Bailey


          Years of experience: Qualified as a physiotherapist in 1990, as a Physiotherapy acupuncturist trained with PAANZ in 1998, in 2004 as a Toyohari acupuncturist acupuncturist.


          • Bsc Biochemistry and Physiology (1986) with a strong interest in philosophy which has coloured my world view ever since.
          • Dip Physiotherapy 1990 Otago
          • Obtained PAANZ registration 1998
          • Obtained Toyohari Acupuncture registration 2004

          Positions Held:

          • Member PAANZ Executive committee and past President PAAZN Executive committee
          • Physiotherapy acupuncture tutor for PAANZ
          • Practising physiotherapist / acupuncturist at wife's clinic
          • Occupational health advisor
          • Husband to Anna/father to 4 boys

          Courses taught for PAANZ:

          • Ear Acupuncture
          • Scalp Acupuncture
          • Headache Day
          • Upskilling Course
          • Moxibustion course
          • Cupping course


          • PNZ
          • PAANZ
          • Toyohari acupuncture association

          Linley Leuthard


          Current employment

          Advance Wellness (Melville) November 2016 - present

          Position - Senior Managing Physiotherapist


          • Diploma Physiotherapy  ATI (1978)
          • Registered Physiotherapy Acupuncturist (1992)
          • Certified Kinesio Taping  Practitioner and Instructor
          • Certified International Trigenics Instructor
          • Certificate training for trainer (adult education) (1996)
          • Lymphoedema Therapist
          • Natural facial Enhancement practitioner and Instructor
          • Pilates Instructor
          • Institute of Golf Physiotherapist level One
          • Fascial Manipulation Practitioner

          Acupuncture Courses Taught

          • PAANZ Introductory course
          • Dry needling
          • TCM update
          • Shoulder course
          • AUT western Acupuncture Energetics and TCM component
          • University of Otago Western Acupuncture   TCM component

          Positions Held

          • Registered Physiotherapy Acupuncturist ( 1992-)
          • Principal Physiotherapist own clinic
          • Past External Tutor AUT Western Acupuncture 2000-1)
          • Past External Tutor University of Otago Western Acupuncture  2004


          • Member of Physiotherapy New Zealand (PNZ)
          • Registered Physiotherapy Acupuncturist (PAANZ)
          • Member of Australasian Lymphology Association (ALA)
          • Member of Kinesio Taping Association International ( KTAI)
          • Member of Trigenics Institute ( Toronto Canada)
          • Former Associate Member New Zealand College of Physiotherapists
          • Former Member of New Zealand private practitioners Association ( NZPPA)


          Robyn Vintiner


          Current Employment:

          Working from home as physiotherapist, acupuncturist and life coach, plus part time in a local gym


          • Registered physiotherapist 1968
          • Registered Physiotherapy Acupuncturist 1994
          • Training for Trainers course (Auckland) 1996
          • Toyohari training 2004
          • Cosmetic Acupuncture 2007
          • Life Coaching Diploma 2010

          Positions Held Within PAANZ:

          • Past PAANZ Executive member
          • Past PAANZ Registrar
          • Past PAANZ Education Officer
          • Past PAANZ President

          Acupuncture Courses Taught:

          • PAANZ Introductory courses
          • Past tutor Otago University on Post grad certificate endorsed in Acupuncture
          • Upskilling/Refresher Course
          • Energetics Course
          • Extraordinary Course
          • TCM at basic & post basic levels


          • Anything that integrates the body, mind & spirit
          • Meditation
          • Chakradance
          • Meridian Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)


          Andrew Imrie (assistant tutor)


          Current employment:

          Physiotherapist, Hutt Physiotherapy Centre, Lower Hutt


          • B.Phty(Otago) 2000
          • PGCert.Phty(Acup)
          • PGDip.Heal.Sci(Musculoskeletal Management)

          Acupuncture training:

          • PAANZ Introductory course
          • Postgraduate Certificate (Acupuncture)(Otago)

          Positions held:

          Registered Physiotherapy Acupuncturist (2004- )

          Acupuncture courses taught:

          Assisted with Women's Health Course taught by Dr Gayle O'Duffy (informally)


          Acupuncture treatment of facial postherpetic itch, Physical Therapy Reviews, April 2011


          Andrew graduated from the University of Otago in 2000 and has worked in both public and private sectors.  He has also been involved in organisational and educational activities within the profession over this period.

          Andrew’s postgraduate training has largely focused on acupuncture and pain management.  His clinical interests are based around chronic pain assessment, treatment and management but also injury prevention in younger athletes, particularly in football.  He has been involved with elite level footballers, including the NZ men’s U20 National Team.  He has recently internationally published a case study of the management of chronic post-herpetic itch with acupuncture and submitted a paper on the ethics of using acupuncture in the treatment of persisting pain syndromes.

          Specifically, Andrew is interested in persisting pain syndromes and chronic pain, and its far reaching effects on people, lifestyle education, chronic spinal pain, particularly lumbar and hip pain, osteoarthritis, particularly of the knee and headaches of a non-specific nature.  He is interested in persisting muscle and soft tissue pain syndromes and is currently studying towards a Masters degree in this field.


          Trevor Montgomery (external tutor)


          Current employment:

          Golf Works Limited


          • MHSc (1st Class Hons) 2008 – AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand
          • PGCertHSc (Western Acupuncture) 2006 – AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand
          • PGDHSc (Manipulative Physiotherapy) 2005 – AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand
          • BHSc (Physiotherapy) 1997 - Auckland Institute of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand             

          Current professional memberships:

          • Member of Physiotherapy NZ (PNZ)
          • Member of Sports Medicine New Zealand   (SMNZ)
          • Member of the Sports Physiotherapy New Zealand  (SPNZ, formerly New Zealand Sports & Orthopaedics Physiotherapy Association NZSOPA)
          • Member of the New Zealand Manipulative Physiotherapists Association (NZMPA)
          • Member of Physiotherapy and Acupuncture New Zealand (PAANZ)
          • Former member of New Zealand Private Practitioners Association (NZPPA)
          • Associate Member of New Zealand College of Physiotherapy
          • Registered New Zealand Physiotherapy Acupuncturist
          • Registered New Zealand Physiotherapist
          • Registered Australian Physiotherapist (Mutual Recognition)

          Courses taught for PAANZ:

          • Dry Needling - foundation course
          • Musculoskeletal dry needing 


          Montgomery T, Boocock M, Hing W. The effects of spinal posture and pelvic fixation on trunk rotation range of motion.Clinical Biomechanics (Bristol, Avon) 2011 26(7):707-12


          Gabrielle Friedrich (external tutor)


          Current employment:

          Physiotherapist - Health in Motion/Paeroa


          • Diploma in Physiotherapy (Marburg /Germany)
          • Acupuncture training /PAANZ member since 1999
          • Diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
          • Education in Tai chi and Qi Gong since 1980

          Positions Held:

          • Registered Physiotherapy Acupuncturist
          • Principal Physiotherapist at own clinic

          Courses taught for PAANZ:

          • Qi Gong

          Current Professional memberships:

          • New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists
          • PAANZ
          • PACT - Pacific Association of Craniosacral Therapists
          • Course taught for PAANZ
          • Qi Gong


           TCM - Tai Chi - Qi Qong - Holistic health - Meditation


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