International Acupuncture Association of Physical Therapists (IAAPT)

IAAPT was formed as an association in 1991 at a meeting held in London during the 11th World Congress of WCPT. Eight years later at the 13th World Congress IAAPT was officially recognised by WCPT as a Subgroup. PAANZ (or PAPMA as it was originally callled) was one of the founding member groups.

Membership is open to groups who are recognised by their professional association which must be a member of WCPT.

IAAPT has a public face at the WCPT Congress each four years with presentations by members, poster displays and attendance at the WCPT general meeting.

New Zealand has provided committee members since the inception of IAAPT. PAANZ policy states that PAANZ sponsors a delegate to the WCPT Congress every four years. This could be you in the future!!

For more information on about IAAPT and to use the discussion forum facilitated by Dr Val Hopwood, log on to the WCPT website and go to subgroups.


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